Armine Stepanyan


Hello. My name is Armine Stepanyan. I live in Armenia, one of the most picturesque countries in the world. I live, work and create here.

I am a social pedagogue by my first profession and I worked in this profession in the "World Vision" international organization. I love to work with children.

Currently I am working as a chess teacher which is my second profession. I enjoy the process of teaching my students to play chess, to improve their playing skills and their thinking abilities in order to become a better chess player. I like to motivate and to encourage my students during chess tournaments so that they can use their knowledge, have a fighting spirit and to try to achieve their goals in chess. Furthermore, I strive to teach them to apply the same concepts in life, too.

As for my hobbies, I have many hobbies in almost any sport, any type of learning and education, and culture, including dance, music, and art. 

I have a small family of three: my husband, my son, and myself. My son, Artyom, is 10 and he is also a chess player. We are a sports family and we like to spend time together, play different games and have fun. I am also a Christian and I believe in unity with God we can do anything.