Izabella Asmaryan


Hello, my name is Izabella.  I am one of the music and piano teachers at our school.  I was born in Yerevan and I love my city very much. I have been involved in singing and music since I was a child. Additionally, I have attended piano lessons and competitions. I love hardworking and intentional people with a purpose who always strive to learn everywhere.  I studied and graduated from Yerevan State University, and have my degree in social work.  I am also currently studying Marketing at Business school. I strive to learn in a variety of subjects as I have wide interests! 

I have worked to teach young children to sing Armenian songs. I love children very much;  their purity of heart and clarity of eyes is a precious thing to experience.  By participating in my classes, your child will have the opportunity to learn to sing Armenian, and to get more acquainted with Armenian culture.  It is always beneficial to learn to sing or to play piano. Fill your lives and the lives of your relatives with music. I am happy that we have the opportunity to learn together regardless of where we live. Book your appointment with me and take advantage of our free trial class!