Jemma Militonyan - English Lecturer at YSU IB

Jemma Militonyan


Hi! I am Jemma. I have over ten years of teaching experience. I got my Master’s of Arts in English Language and Literature at Yerevan State University, where I am getting my PhD in Linguistics (English) at the moment. I have been working as an English Lecturer at YSU IB for over 6 years. Languages are my passion. I really enjoy learning them but more of that I enjoy teaching. I speak Armenian, English, French, Russian and I am studying Hebrew at the moment. I have gained enough experience in teaching and have published a couple of articles on teaching methods, techniques, ways of making learning process fun and the role of a teacher in FLT classroom.

Nothing can bring more joy to my heart than teaching my mother tongue, Armenian, which is one of the most beautiful and ancient languages of the world.

I like playing different musical instruments. I play the Armenian national pipe ‘Shvi’ and the guitar. I am married. My husband and I are missionaries in Gavar, a little beautiful town near Lake Sevan. I have two daughters.