Mariam Hovhannisyan


Hello! My name is Mariam Hovhannisyan. I was born and raised in Armenia in a Christian family. I grew up in a village called Nshavan and went to the local school. When I was 15, I left the country for the USA, to study in California as an exchange student for a year. It helped me to improve my English language skills. After returning to Armenia, I started interpreting and translating. I have been working in this direction for nearly 10 years now. As far as my career, I chose a different path, as I considered English a hobby I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve graduated from the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia majoring in architecture. Architecture is my passion and my favorite subject to talk about. Another one of my favorite things to do is teach children in the Sunday school of one of the local Christian churches. I also enjoy drawing, singing, playing the guitar and the piano, and traveling. Being with Book N’ Learn in the last few years has brought up another passion of mine: teaching and connecting with my students!