Nana Poghosyan


Hello, I'm Nana. I was born and live in Yerevan. I have been very active and curious since childhood. Since I was just a one year old, I have participated in various TV projects. I have been attending dances since I was 5 years old. When I was 8, I performed on dozens of stages and participated in a number of competitions. I attended broadcasting and acting studios and played sports such as swimming, athletics, gymnastics, even chess, etc. I graduated from H. 132 primary school named after Isakov with excellent progress. During the 9 years of education, I was elected president of the student council twice, leading an active student life. Then, I entered the French College, where I am currently studying marketing, but I am sure that it will not be my only profession. I graduated from Barsegh Kanachyan art school with excellent results. Within 7 years, I mastered a conservatory level program, participated in competitions and became an international laureate, while also playing dozens of concerts. I had a solo concert in 2021, which was a great experience for my professional and artistic skills. I have been teaching guitar for 3 years, I have also taught Armenian language and chemistry. I speak 5 languages: Armenian, English, Russian, French, and some Polish. I enjoy visiting children in the orphanages and needy areas, especially during the holidays to cheer them up, often dressed as a character. I enjoy my job teaching here at Book N' Learn and I do my job with great love, developing and moving forward every day.